Chapter 45

Located in

Volume 12

Released Date

2010 (Betsuhana)
February 2011 (Hana to Yume Comics)
August 2011 (Viz Media)


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Chapter 45 was released in Betsuhana in 2010, later released in Volume 12 on February 2011.


The chapter starts off with a flashback of Hiromi Yoshino's past in high school. Hiromi was, somewhat, a weak person, who was bullied because of his appearance was more of an international student. Later, a member of the kendo team, 'Masamune-kun', saved Hiromi. From then on, Hiromi had a crush on 'Masamune-kun.' (to be continued soon)

Here are some points to add to the summary once Maopyon gets home: • The baking classes for men starts getting more popular. • Asuka keeps hiding the fact that he goes to them, his mother, Kiyomi Masamune (name is now official), suspects something. • Miyuki Yoshino (first name is official, unsure if she has different last name) visits her brother's shop for a magazine interview. Asuka is kinda glad she's there because he can find out more about his dad. • Miyuki talks with her older brother, Hiromi, and Tetsuya about her brother's child. And how he is similiar to his dad, which rather than being a transvestite, he is actually an otomen as well. • Later, Kiyomi happens to walk around when she see's a magazine about the baking classes for men. First she sees it as a disgrace, but then she noticed the back of Asuka's head, which makes her furious that her son might be lying to her. After Asuka left, Kiyomi went to her room to disguise herself as a guy. She said, that in her past, she used to dress up as a boy in high school and was often known as the school prince. With that she gets in there, only to find out that Asuka indeed was taking baking classes for men.